This is hypnosis explained simply to help clear up any preconceived notions of patients quacking like a duck or hopping around the room on one foot. I think that would be pretty funny though.

If you are familiar with meditation and mindfulness, then you are familiar with hypnosis. It is a deep state of relaxation and you have complete control over yourself. Simple.

You are never unconscious. You hear the hypnotist’s voice and other sounds as you would normally hear. Your concentration is on the hypnotist and the hypnotist’s voice so you are not distracted by other sounds. Easy.

In my practice, I use soothing background music as well to help guide you to a state of deep relaxation. You have the ability to relax and I am helping you to achieve it. Nice.

You will not do anything that violates your moral code. You will not be asked to divulge any personal information. You will maintain complete awareness of everything said. And, you will not act in a manner that is contrary to your wishes. Grateful.

Why would you schedule sessions for hypnosis? Hypnosis is a wonderful modality for relaxation, anxiety, weight loss, self-care, and addictive behaviors. I share a recording of your 50-minute session with you to optimize repetitive reinforcement. Smart.

Contact me to schedule your complimentary consultation, click on my contact page or call 267-402-8202. Brilliant!

Please call me for consult/booking before paying for services;  (267) 402-8202.

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*Donna is not a medical doctor, and available alternative therapies through Heartfelt Healing, LLC are not meant to diagnose or treat any medical condition or to replace the services of your physician or another health-care provider. The advice and strategies available may not be suitable for all participants. Please consult your health-care provider with any questions that you may have about your own medical situation. 

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