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Hello, I am Donna R. Rosen, a certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach and a published Author. To be  called an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach is a long title to say that your life is made up of much more than the food that you eat. It’s all integrated. While we are assigning catchy titles, there are 12 areas in your life that we could call your “Primary Nutrition” and the food you eat is called “Secondary Nutrition”. And, going straight to the point I would say that food isn’t always the villain. It is many times the effect, not the cause of your trouble. There is more information on the page labeled “Integrative Nutrition Health Coaching”. 

I am also a certified Hypnotist, a certified Reiki Holy Fire III Master, an Independent Distributor of Young Living Essential Oils, and an owner of a Crystal Light Therapy Bed. I have some valuable insights and experiences to share with you and helping you to live your best life.

My practice is growing and my clients are reporting amazing results. Please visit my testimonials page and you will notice that I’ve been working with pets also. It is a joy to see them respond to alternative therapies as well.

Our lives can be stressful at times but no one has said that we must be overwhelmed by all of it. I’m adding new workshops to my practice and a retreat is in the planning stages.  This New Year, 2019 is going to be your best year yet!

I am making your health my priority. Call (267) 402-8202 or click the “Contact” link on this website.  Let’s determine the path for wellness that makes sense for you.

Live your best life,